Visiting Las Pozas in Xilitla, Mexico

Edward James’ Laz Pozas Entrance

Las Pozas Mexico

In the state of San Luis Potosí, tucked away in the subtropical rainforest just outside of Xilitla hides Las Pozas de Xilitla, a surreal sculpture garden. Wealthy Englishman, Edward James, constructed countless surrealist concrete structures throughout his garden in the Mexican jungle from the late 1940s to the early 1980s. James lived here surrounded by lush gardens of magnificent tropical plants, captive big cats and reptiles, crystal clear waterfalls and natural pools, and of course, his surrealist sculptures. Today, you can explore the concrete garden pillars and former home of Edward James by navigating impressive concrete sculptures and brilliant tropical flora. You can even take a dip in the fresh blue pools.

Sculpture Las Pozas

Sculpture Laz Pozas

How to Get to Las Pozas from Mexico City

We visited Las Pozas from Saturday morning to Monday morning. We didn’t want to take any time off work so we managed this trip in a weekend and it was terrific! We left Mexico City for Xilitla at 6:30 Saturday morning. It’s roughly a 7-hour drive, but it took us about 8 hours due to a necessary stop for tacos de barbacoa (slow-roasted goat) for breakfast. The ride is stunning. Towards the middle of the route, you drive through the Sierra Gorda mountains. Be prepared for impressive views and about 2 hours of curvy roads. We arrived at our Airbnb in Xilitla just before 3 pm, dropped off our things, and drove no more than 20 minutes to Las Pozas. The drive from Xilitla to Las Pozas is relatively straightforward, follow the signs, and if you get a little lost, ask a local, they are friendly and happy to help. You will need to park your car on the side of the path, a little way before the actual entrance of Las Pozas, and continue walking about 5 minutes until you reach the entrance.

Tips for Visiting Las Pozas Xilitla

  • We went in the afternoon and seemed to have avoided the crowds. The gardens close at 6 pm, so try arriving around 2 pm.

  • The entry fee is 100 pesos or $5USD per person.

  • Bring a bathing suit if you’d like to cool down under the waterfall or take a dip in the natural pool.

  • Climbing up the taller sculptures is prohibited during high season (summer months).

  • Bring bottled water and comfortable clothes/shoes to explore in.

Laz Pozas Entrance

Where to Stay in Xilitla

Xilitla is a tiny town with a few hotels. There are plenty of Airbnbs around town that are also not too far from Las Pozas. We rented a cozy Airbnb with great mountain views for only 500 pesos (25 USD) per night. Be prepared for warm rooms with just a fan to keep you cool; most places don’t have A/C.

What to Eat in Xilitla

During our quick stop in Xilitla, we ate delicious tortas (Mexican sandwiches) at Las Tortugas. They are quick, delicious, and on the way to Las Pozas.

Surrealist sculpture garden Las Pozas, Xilitla

Las Pozas sculpture garden

Laz Pozas sculpture garden

Laz Pozas sculpture garden

We spent a relaxing afternoon exploring the lush grounds of the surrealist garden and the whimsical sculptures that connect nature and art. If you have any questions about visiting Las Pozas, leave them below. I would be happy to help!

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