Exploring Eastern Canada

Three thousand miles, two weeks, one brother. This was our trip through New Brunswick, Nova Scotia, and Québec at the end of October, 2017. We started from Jeremy’s place in Bar Harbor, Maine and made our way to Canada’s Bay of Fundy where we got our first glimpse of the amazing fall foliage that was to come. We camped in the national park for two nights where we stayed up playing cards and talking to other travelers around the campfire. We drove several hours to our next destination, Cape Breton National Park, Nova Scotia. Here is where the fall colors were truly breathtaking. We had an amazing breakfast at a local bakery, The Dancing Goat, before heading to Cape Breton National Park. Cape Breton had an incredible variety of trails and we were lucky enough to see the park in all sorts of light. We made our way to Québec city after just over a week’s worth of rambling through national parks.

We strolled around the old city of Québec, tried the local poutine, and ate our weight in pastries. From Québec we continued our road trip down south stopping to see great friends in PA and NC before arriving home in SC. After it was all said and done this trip had it all, family, friends, and loads of adventure.

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