Where to Have the Best Breakfast in Mexico City

Breakfast in Mexico City is a culinary experience that you do not want to miss. For me, Mexican breakfasts outshine any other breakfasts in the world. They are hearty, bursting with flavor, and oh so satisfying. It’s the meal I’m always most excited about!

Breakfasts in Mexico City are unlike anywhere else. Think lots of tortillas, protein, cheese, and vegetables in seemingly endless combinations. Mexico City has its classic breakfast dishes that you can expect to see at most places. So that you know what those are and what to look out for on the menu, let me first explain the most popular breakfast dishes in Mexico City.

Once your stomach has started growling, I’ll tell you where to try them all and have the absolute best breakfast in Mexico City.

And don’t worry, if you aren’t keen on eating big breakfasts, then you can check out these spots for brunch. Mexicans are late risers, so breakfast is served from 9 am until around noon.

Are you hungry yet?

mexico city chilaquiles breakfast

Chilaquiles breakfast Mexico City

Mexico City Breakfast Classics

If you haven’t noticed already, I LOVE Mexican breakfasts. There is so much variety, and it’s all incredibly satisfying. I missed out on this amazing meal for the first few months I was in Mexico because I didn’t realize all that was out there or where to find these dishes at their finest.

So that you are more prepared than I was, here is a list of Mexico City’s breakfast staples that are not to be missed!


I lived in Mexico for months thinking that I didn’t like chilaquiles, all because I had some very disappointing ones at a random place one morning. Now that I’ve discovered the best places for chilaquiles my opinion has totally changed and they just might be my favorite Mexican breakfast.

Chilaquiles are a bed of crispy totopos (fried tortilla chips) covered in red or green salsa, topped with your protein of choice (I like eggs and chorizo), and then finished off with a drizzle of crema, a sprinkle of cheese, and thinly sliced onions. They’re divine!


Again, like chilaquiles, I was not wowed by tamales until I found the right spot, and now they are tied with chilaquiles for the title of my favorite breakfast. Street tamales are cheap but lack filling and are mostly dry corn masa. A good tamal is packed with vegetables or meat and plenty of cheese. Tamales wrapped in corn husk are more popular in Mexico City than the variety wrapped in banana leaf. Popular flavors are rajas con queso (peppers with cheese) and verde con queso (chicken, salsa verde, and cheese).


Something I don’t find myself ordering often, but definitely a typical breakfast option, are Molletes. They usually come as two thick-sliced pieces of white bread smothered with refried beans underneath a bed of melted, toasted cheese and topped with pico de gallo.

Huevos Rancheros

It varies depending on the place, but for Jorge and I, proper huevos rancheros are two lightly pan-fried tortillas spread with refried beans and topped with two fried eggs, a layer of red salsa, and a bit of cream, cheese, and onion.

Huevos Divorciados

One of my frequent orders, huevos divorciados (divorced eggs), gets its name because one bed or tortilla and egg is covered in red salsa and the other in green salsa. Perfect for those that want the best of both worlds. Like huevos rancheros and most other egg dishes, it’s topped with cream, cheese, and onion and served with a side of beans.


I wasn’t aware until coming to Mexico that enchiladas are more of a breakfast brunch dish. Usually, you’ll get three to four rolled corn tortillas filled with shredded chicken, covered with salsa verde, and topped with cream, cheese, and onion.


Quesadillas are a popular street food breakfast and are not often found on a restaurant’s breakfast menu. Popular fillings include flor de calabaza (squash blossom), mushrooms, huitlacoche (corn mushroom), tinga (a type of stewed chicken), and so much more! Most of the time you will need to specify if you want your quesadilla with or without cheese.


Lastly, and probably the most unusual breakfast option, is barbacoa, slow-roasted goat meat. Cooked for hours, usually all night, in a hole dug underground, until juicy and tender. It’s ready just in time for breakfast and normally is prepared only on the weekends. You can choose between maciza or espaldilla, the latter being less fatty. It’s served in a corn tortilla and topped with onion, cilantro, lime juice, and whatever salsa you prefer.

Best Breakfasts in Mexico City

Now that you know of all the different types of Mexico City breakfasts, it’s time to start visiting the restaurants that do them the best!

chilaquiles mexico city breakfast

Chilaquiles at Chilakillers


This funky breakfast spot is decorated with color and Mexican skulls galore. As their name suggests, the chilaquiles are the star of the menu. You can get creative and build your own chilaquiles by choosing from several delicious salsas beyond just the traditional red and green ones. Next, pick your meat or veg topping and if you want cream, cheese, and onion.

My go-to order is a size small (it’s more than enough for one person) with salsa verde, egg, and chorizo. This place serves up the best chilaquiles in the city and if you were to visit only one breakfast restaurant in CDMX, make it this one.

Hours: Monday to Sunday 9am-5pm

Tacubaya Google Location

Tamales Doña Emi

This tiny storefront in Roma Sur cooks up the best tamales I’ve ever tried. They’re big, they’re stuffed to the brim with flavorful fillings, and they’re full of flavor. I often tell Jorge that these tamales are my desert island food. I’m slightly obsessed.

They have great meat options like mole with chicken or chicken with salsa verde. But, for me, the flavor that is to-die-for is their huitlacoche con queso de cabra (corn mushroom with goats cheese and salsa verde). It’s out of this world good.

They sell out fast so try and get there before 9/9:30 if you want to be able to choose from all of the flavors. Seating is limited to two or three tables out front so plan on taking your order to go.

Hours: Wednesday to Sunday 8am-12:30pm

Roma Sur Google Location

Bazar el Oro Tacos de Barbacoa

Just at the entrance of Bazar el Oro, on Saturdays and Sundays, you can find a food stall selling barbacoa. Served on blue corn tortillas, the meat is fall off the bone tender, and moist. Morning is the time to try barbacoa because as odd as it may sound, it’s breakfast food. Arrive sooner rather than later because barbacoa goes fast!

Hours: Saturday & Sunday 10am-Noonish

Location: Roma Norte Google Location

enchiladas mexico city breakfast

Enchiladas at La Ventanita in Cibeles Roma Norte

La Ventanita

Located in a picturesque, garden-like setting in the heart of Roma Norte, La Ventanita Cafe has a generous amount of breakfast options from the Mexican classics to waffles and pancakes for those that enjoy indulging their sweet tooth in the morning. It’s not a bad place to sit and sip a coffe either. They serve up unique egg dishes that are baked up in mini cast iron skillets. Their menu has a good amount of variety, so if you’re traveling in a group or with picky eaters, there should be something to please everyone.

Hours: Monday to Sunday 7:30am-6pm

Roma Norte Google Location


Peltre offers all of the classic Mexican breakfasts in a bright and open atmosphere. This laid-back, family-friendly spot serves up good food with nice vibes without the need to be pretentious like many of the surrounding cafes.

Hours: Monday to Friday 7am-11pm. Saturday 8am-11pm. Sunday 8am-10pm.

Cuauhtémoc Google Location

Roma Norte Google Location

Polanco Google Location

Los Chilakos

Los Chilakos is all about the chilaquiles. They are slightly different than traditional chilaquiles because each order is baked in an individual aluminum tray. The fun part is that you can customize your chilaquiles down to the salsa, protein, vegetables, and additional toppings. These are a great option if you’re looking for a fast and filling meal.

Hours: Monday to Sunday 8am-10pm

Juárez Google Location

mexico city breakfast panaderia rosetta

Tomato and goat cheese quiche at Panadería Rosetta

Panadería Rosetta

Rosetta is an almost obnoxiously popular bakery in Roma Norte. It can get unbelievably crowded, especially on the weekends, so I would stop by during the week if at all possible and take your baked goods to go and enjoy them in a nearby park.

Now that I’ve given a disclaimer on how overrated at times it may feel, I will say that their pastries are bomb and the best that I’ve had in the city. So if you really like sweet bread for breakfast or croissant sandwiches, then it’s worth the wait. I can’t get enough of their donuts and the ever-so-popular guava roll. The quiche is delicious too!

Heres a tip: if you want to skip the crowd stop by the new and lesser-known location thats joined with the restaurant Lardo.

Hours: Monday to Saturday 7am-10pm. Sundays 7:30am-8:30pm

Lardo Google Location

Calle Puebla Roma Norte Google Location

Calle Colima Roma Norte Google Location

Cafe NiN

Cafe NiN is an upscale restaurant cafe in a stunning colonial house in the Juárez neighborhood. They are partners with Panaderia Rosetta, so you can expect the pastries to impress and the sandwiches to be made with the freshest crunchiest bread. If you want an elegant brunch experience with endless options then this is your place.

Hours: Monday to Sunday 7am-9pm.

Google Location

condesa mexico city breakfast

Comté, ham, and egg galette at Superette


If you’re feeling French then visit the chic Supertte cafe. They have galettes in a bunch of different combinations, sweet crepes, as well as eggs benedict and pancakes. It’s reasonably priced and the atmosphere is lovely.

Hours: Monday to Saturday 8am-10pm. Sunday 9am-10pm.

Condesa Google Location

Clara Y Ema

Clara y Ema makes the tastiest breakfast sandwiches in Mexico City. What sets them apart is their freshly baked fluffy brioche buns. The eggs are cooked to perfection, not too try not too runny, and paired with bacon, avocado, or caramelized onions depending on which sandwich you choose. You can also add additional toppings for only 10 pesos more each. This place is one of our favorites and perfect for when you’re craving something other than Mexican food one morning.

Condesa Google Location

Juárez Google Location

Polanco Google Location

eno mexico city breakfast

Typical Mexican molletes


Eno is a trendy brunch spot from chef Enrique Olvera of Pujol. You can expect to see Mexican classics as well as baked goods and more filling lunch options. I prefer the Polanco location for the greenery and quieter street but it does tend to be more crowded than the Roma Norte location

Hours: Monday to Sunday 8am-10pm

Polanco Google Location

Roma Norte Google Location

Museo Jumex Google Location


Lalo! is an OG Mexico City Brunch spot. People have been flocking here ever since it opened and the crowds don’t seem to be dwindling. It’s a trendy place that gets a lot of attention. They make some of the best classic Mexican dishes which explains the wait and the higher price tags. It’s one of the more popular breakfast restaurants in the city so coming during the week will help you avoid the crowds.

Hours: Tuesday to Sunday 8am-5pm.

Roma Norte Google Location

mexico city street tacos roma norte breakfast

Street taco de bistec

Street Tacos Valladolid & Puebla

It might seem odd to eat tacos for breakfast but that’s how things are done here! You can’t get much more local than these street tacos and they are my absolute favorite. My usual go-to order is a taco de bistec (thinly sliced beef taco) with cheese and nopales (cactus). The best part is their huge, freshly pressed white corn tortillas. They also offer quesadillas and other types of tacos with chicken or veggies. It’s a very affordable option. You’ll spend between 30-40 pesos per person.

Hours: Monday to Saturday 8am-ish until 1pm-ish

Roma Norte Google Location

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