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Travel Sites I Use to Plan My Trips

Travel Sites I Use to Plan My Trips


Travel Sites I Use to Plan My Trips

When planning a trip, big or small, I keep the planning to a minimum. Of course, it is important to research and plan what you want to see, do, eat, etc., but for me a lot of the magic of traveling happens when you give yourself time to wander and stumble across things you discover on your own or hear by word-of-mouth. With that being said, let me share with you travel sites I always use when planning a trip.

Travel Sites for Choosing a Destination

Most of the time I would choose to travel someplace that has lower flight costs. That could mean flying to a destination during a time of year when the cost of flying is cheaper or choosing a destination with the cheapest flights depending on where I’m flying from.


To do this I use Skyscanner. Skyscanner is great because you can filter your departure/arrival location and departure date. For example, I know I will be flying out of Mexico City. I don’t know where I want to go yet, but I want to search the cheapest destinations. Skyscanner can show you the cheapest destinations for the entire year or for the cheapest month.

If you know where you want to go, but want to go during the cheapest month, just select your destination and select ‘cheapest month’ for your departure and arrival dates.

If you want to travel but are on a budget this is a great way to figure out where you should visit.


I talk a lot about Workaway on my blog and it’s because it’s one of my favorite long-term travel resources. If you have two weeks or more you can usually find a Workaway to fit your timeline and interests. When I was backpacking I would often decide where to go next based off any interesting volunteer positions I found on Workaway.

For example, when I was in Mexico planning on where to go next, I would logon to Workaway and see if there were any opportunities that I felt excited about and that’s where I’d go next. It helped me extend my trip while saving me a lot of money because usually accommodation and meals come free in exchange for your time volunteering. For me, traveling is a lot more about the experiences than rushing from place to place to check countries or sights off a list.

Motorbike tour in Colombia’s Tatacoa Desert

Motorbike tour in Colombia’s Tatacoa Desert

Travel Sites for Cheap Flights

After you used Skyscanner or Workaway to decide where you want to travel to, it’s time to find some cheap flights. Usually I start with Google Flights and Kayak to get an idea of how much airlines are charging. If I am looking for the absolute cheapest flight and don’t mind longer layovers or a longer itinerary I use Kiwi.


I recently started using Kiwi because I found it gives you the cheapest flights. The flight itineraries may involve budget airlines and usually more stops or longer travel time, but if you’re really looking for the best deals I’d come here.

Another awesome perk is that most of the flights you book with Kiwi come with a connection protection. So if you can’t make a connection in time, usually Kiwi or the airline carrier will book you on the next flight without any additional fees.

Travel Sites for Booking Accommodation

Hostel World

I used Hostel World a bunch when backpacking. I found it great for comparing prices and ratings to find the best hostels.


Airbnb is great when you have a slightly bigger budget, traveling with other people, or want to stay in one place for a longer period of time.


Standing for Vacation Rental by Owner, VRBO is like Airbnb but sometimes has different or cheaper options.


I found myself using Booking.com when visiting lesser-traveled places that may not have hostels or Airbnbs. If the accommodation is limited in a place you’re visiting I bet Booking.com will find something where other accommodation sites may not.

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