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A Week in Review- Mexico City WK7

A Week in Review- Mexico City WK7

I arrived in Mexico City the 28th of November, 2017. The first five weeks of my extended travels through Latin America were to begin here. I ended up staying seven. I've had so many experiences here, good and bad, but always enriching. I realized I've done a poor job at documenting these experiences for myself and for others which has led me here- recapping my final week in the amazing Ciudad de Mexico (CDMX). 

Over the weekend we visited Xochimilco, a UNESCO world heritage site and a popular Mexican family tradition. The experience consists of renting a boat and spending several hours floating along the canals while indulging in drinks and snacks that you bring along or buy from vendors on other boats.

It's Monday, January 8th, 2018 and I find myself in the good company of longer-term hostel guests. We start our day around noon enjoying delicious seafood tacos at the popular El Pescadito. We are seated at a table outside, the sky bluer today with less visible haze, two street musicians serenade the restaurant with traditional Mexican music and we are content. After lunch we make our way to a laundromat café where we enjoy a couple coffees and espresso cortados while we wait for our laundry to finish. Keeping in the spirit of our leisurely afternoon, we head to Chapultepec Park where we find a grassy spot to relax, talk, and watch the paddle boats go by until the sun began to set.


I've had the privilege of staying in Roma, the most exciting neighborhood in Mexico City, so today I spent most of my time wandering around the neighborhood I was lucky enough to call home for the past seven weeks. I stopped for lunch at the acclaimed Panaderia Rosetta for a hot chorizo and provolone sandwich on freshly baked bread, a nice change from the many variations of tacos I've also been enjoying. I ended the day curled up on the couch with a cup of tea and a book.

Wednesday afternoon Kaf, Hannah, and I went to the giant wholesale market, Merced, to track down some cheap knock of clothing. I'm in desperate need of new shoes, as my faithful Vans now have holes in the soles. I stopped for a couple of street tacos of course and enjoyed an afternoon in the center. Being it was Hannah and Kaf's last night at the hostel, a group of us went out and danced salsa until two or three in the morning. 

The day finally came to say goodbye to a couple very dear friends, but not without enjoying 20 chicken wings first.


My last Saturday in Mexico City was spent in one of my favorite neighborhoods, San Ángel. Saturday is a wonderful day to visit because the neighborhood is buzzing with activity. The parks are lined with artists displaying their artwork for sale, restaurants full of families gathering for lunch, and the bazaar del sabado bustling with shoppers. I strolled along the windy cobblestone roads admiring the old, large, and colorful homes often hidden by fifteen foot stone walls covered in brilliantly purple bougainvillea flowers. I stopped for an espresso and to read a bit before continuing on my walk. I sat in the park and took in the sights before heading back to Roma where I would spend the evening at an old American Legion, now a bar, with Hannah and friends.


It's Sunday night and I'm off shift at 9:30PM. Six of us from the hostel head to Mano Santa, one of the best mezcalerias around. We are all gathered around a high top, sipping quality mezcal. It's nights like this when I feel the luckiest. Just days or even hours ago we were strangers from different countries and backgrounds but that doesn't matter. That's what makes it interesting, that's what makes it engaging. By the end of the night we were just six friends exchanging stories and sharing plenty of laughs. And I had a pretty killer mezcal cocktail to boot ;)