Mexico City in July: Ultimate Guide to Weather and Local Tips (2024)

I’ve been living in Mexico City for 6 years and July has become one of the months I look forward to the most. 

The weather isn’t hot and humid like you might expect when you think of Mexico in July, but there usually is a decent amount of rain.

It’s a really pleasant month to visit with plenty of things to do and even some unique experiences that are only possible this time of year. 

If you’re debating visiting Mexico City in July, this post will help you prepare for the weather, and help you figure out what to wear and what there is to do!

Weather in Mexico City in July

The Fuente de Cibeles fountain is the centerpiece of traffic this round-about in Roma Norte, Mexico City, flanked by lush green trees with the colorful 'CDMX' sign in the foreground, set against a backdrop of modern buildings.

July is smack dab in the middle of the rainy season (May to September), but don’t let that scare you away!

It’s one of my favorite months in Mexico City. Everything is lush and green from the rains and the temperatures are very mild and comfortable.

Average Temperatures in Mexico City in July

Source: NOAA

July is a very comfortable month temperature-wise. You might be surprised to learn that it’s actually quite cooler in July than it is in the springtime! 

If you want to come to Mexico in July but don’t want the heat and humidity of the coast, Mexico City is perfect!

The overall temperature is very mild and comfortable in Mexico City in July (which is probably why it’s one of my favorite months). During the day, temperatures usually stay around mid 70ºF and at night it’s around the mid 50’s. 

I will note that in July 2023, there was a heatwave that left us all suffering since apartments in Mexico City don’t have central heating or air. It didn’t last more than a week and is not typical for this time of year – just a heads-up.

Average Rainfall in Mexico City in July

Chart depicting the average number of rainy days in Mexico City by month. The data indicates that July and August have the highest number of rainy days (around 18-20 days), while January, February, and December have the fewest (around 1-2 days).

Since July is in the rainy season, daily afternoon or evening showers are usually the norm this time of year. 

The rains are predictable and usually pop up between 3 PM – 8 PM and last about an hour or two. They’re easy to work around and won’t rain you out for the day. 

But when it rains in Mexico City, it pours so don’t expect a light, constant drizzle.

An important note on rain in recent years: I’ve been living in Mexico City for 6 years and in the past couple of years I have seen a drastic decline in the amount of rain in the city.

The first several years I lived here, I was used to seeing rain every day during peak rainy season. This was what my boyfriend, his parents, and all Mexico City locals were used to.

But in the past couple of years, there seem to be more days without rain than with during the wet season which is historically very unusual.

Average Sunshine in Mexico City in July

Chart showing the average number of hours of sunshine in Mexico City by month. January through December show variations in sunshine hours, with the highest in March and April (around 250 hours) and the lowest in September (about 150 hours).

Because July is usually a rainy month, there is less sunshine this time of year. But that doesn’t mean constant gray and dreary days like you might expect in countries further north. 

Mexico City is blessed with comfortable temperatures and sunshine year-round. So although there are technically fewer hours of sunshine in July, you likely won’t notice and will still see the sun almost every day!

Because of the abundance of sunshine and the city’s high elevation, the UV index can get incredibly high. 

On the UV scale where the maximum is 16, it can reach 14 at the peak on a sunny afternoon in Mexico City. Whereas coastal cities like Cancun rarely see a UV index score higher than 10.

You can easily burn without noticing since the cooler temperatures might convince you that the sun isn’t as strong, but you’d be mistaken. The sun is much more intense here than at the beach!

Pollution in Mexico City in July

Another reason why I love Mexico City in July is because the air pollution is so much lower this time of year thanks to the rain.

If it’s raining daily like it should, Mexico City’s infamous air pollution is swept away with the winds and the rain, and the air quality is relatively good.

What to Wear in Mexico City in July 

A woman with curly hair wearing a red sleeveless top and blue jeans sits at a table with a smartphone on her lap. She is smiling softly, with her arms crossed, and there are potted plants and an orange wall in the background.

It’s easy to pack light for July since the temperature change isn’t as extreme as other parts of the year and you won’t need many layers since the weather is mild.

There are more things to consider when it comes to what to wear in Mexico City, but here is a brief overview for July.

DRESSES & SKIRTS – While July isn’t as hot as spring months, it’s still plenty warm enough to wear your favorite summer skirts and dresses while exploring the city. My only advice is to stick closer to knee-length shorts and skirts rather than overly short shorts that you’d wear at the beach.

JEANS & PANTS– I wear jeans most days of the year in Mexico City because it’s rarely too hot for long pants. If you prefer shorts, I would still bring at least one pair of long pants for evenings when it can get a little chilly.

SHORT SLEEVES & TANK TOPS – Short sleeves and tank tops are my day-to-day attire and what I think you’ll be most comfortable in during the summer. 

LIGHT JACKET OR SWEATER– Bring a sweater or light jacket for early mornings or late evenings out when the temperature dips into the low 60’s and mid-50ºF.

RAINCOAT OR UMBRELLA – If it’s raining regularly like it should, you will definitely need a raincoat or an umbrella. I think an umbrella is a smarter option because Mexico City tends to get heavier rain storms rather than light showers so an umbrella will do a better job of keeping you dry. 

SUN PROTECTION – Certain areas of the city like the Centro Historico or the Pyramids of Teotihuacan will leave you exposed to the harsh sun since there isn’t a tree in sight. Be sure to bring a hat, sunglasses, and sunscreen.

Best Things to Do in Mexico City in July

There are no activities that are off-limits for Mexico City in July (or any month really). You may just want to consider the chance of rain in the afternoon and plan accordingly. 

But there are seasonal activities that only happen certain months of the year (like the fireflies in July) so if you want to experience these natural phenomena, it’s important to visit during the right time of year. 

An aerial view of the Palacio de Bellas Artes in Mexico City at sunset, showcasing its ornate architecture and vibrant stained-glass dome. The surrounding plaza is bustling with people, and the city's skyline and distant mountains are visible in the background.

BALLET FOLKLORICO – Watching the beautifully choreographed Ballet Folklorico in the Palacio de Bellas Artes is the perfect activity during a rainy July evening. 

Plan on visiting museums and other indoor activities in the afternoon/evenings when the chance of rain is highest and save the mornings for outdoor adventures. 

A view of the Pyramid of the Sun at Teotihuacan, Mexico, with other pyramidal structures in the foreground. Tourists are seen exploring the ancient site, highlighting the scale of the stepped pyramids. The surrounding landscape features scattered trees and distant mountains under a clear blue sky.

PYRAMIDS OF TEOTIHUACÁN Teotihuacán is worth visiting anytime of year, but I would argue that the rainy months are when it’s most comfortable. 

Once you’re at the pyramids, there isn’t any shade to take a break from the heat.

That’s why July is one of the best months to go. Cloudier skies and cooler temperatures will make it much more enjoyable than other times of year. And try to go early before the sun is at its strongest.

A couple sits inside a red tent in a wooded area, enjoying a moment together. The woman looks at a phone while the man, dressed in a hoodie, sits close to her. Hiking boots are placed outside the tent on the grass.

FIREFLY FOREST – If you’re looking for a unique overnight trip from Mexico City then you have to go to Nanacamilpa to witness the synchronized glow of the fireflies after dark.

It’s one of the few places in North America where you can experience this natural phenomenon. It only happens from mid-June to mid-August and is just 2 hours from Mexico City. 

Mexican Holidays in July

It’s good to know about Mexican holidays and long weekends (puentes) because the crowds can be crazy.

Luckily in July, there are no federal holidays so you don’t have to worry about avoiding hoards of people. 

If you want to go on a day trip or an excursion when there are the fewest people possible, I recommend going during the week. But check the hours first because many places like museums are closed on Mondays!


Are there mosquitoes in Mexico City in July?

Sorry to break it to you but there are mosquitoes year-round in Mexico City and they are at their worst during peak rainy season in July.

You may want to bring bug-repellant for outdoor activities or even in your accommodation depending on where you stay.

Our apartment has a big, beautiful tree outside the balcony that unfortunately attracts tons of mosquitoes so we’re constantly fighting them off inside. If you’re staying in an Airbnb or small B&B it’s something to keep in mind.

What fruit is in season in Mexico in July?

This time of year mangoes are the star and something you have to try when in Mexico City. You’ll see vendors selling peeled mangoes on the streets but what’s even better is going to a local tianguis (street market) and picking up a few for yourself!

While you’re at the market, keep an eye out for tunas. You may know them as prickly pears. They are the sweet fruit that grows on cactus! 

They are a very Mexican fruit and worth trying if you visit during the right season. Just eat them carefully because their seeds are rock-hard!

Wrap-Up – Is July a Good Month to Visit Mexico City?

I think July is one of the best months to visit Mexico City and as a local who lives here year-round, it’s one of the months I look forward to the most. 

The temperatures have cooled down after a hot and dry spring.

The rain can make it difficult to be outside in the afternoons, but it’s normally short-lived and easy to work around – plus, it keeps the pollution at bay.

If you’re not after a Mexican holiday experience like Dia de Muertos and you don’t mind a bit of rain, I can’t imagine a better month to visit Mexico City!

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